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Splashbacks Making Waves in Interior Design

The Geelong couple Elli and Hugh Thyer have exciting products for designers and do-it-yourself’ers: the Splashbacks.
Many people prefer acrylic splashback because it’s stronger than glass and is easier to clean and maintain. The materials of acrylic splashbacks are all Australian-made.
Their business, Innovative Splashbacks, are a hit to the DIY market because of their creativity and knowledge. The duo were once graphic designers, became spray painters, and fabricators. So they are really capable of doing this kind of business.
Riddells Creek House Transformation
Watch how this simple home in Riddells Creek, Victoria underwent full renovation. It combines contemporary and modern designs, complemented by a breezy feel of a “farm” life.
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Home Decorating with Rachel
Why You Should Invest on Home Infrared Saunas?

Aesthetically speaking, home saunas give that statement that you are financially advantaged. But not just that, home saunas improve the homeowner's  lifestyle.

Relaxation after grueling work

You can relax after a tiring day's work -- without leaving your home. You can spend time with your loved ones at any time you like. You can stay there as long as you want.

A place to spend time with friends and guests
Relaxing in a sauna doesn't always mean a "me" time. In fact, you can bring friends or guests with you to experience the refreshing air inside, while giggling with each other's chit-chat.

Interior Designs from Melbourne designers

Melbourne designers have great eye for designs. And when it comes to beautifying the home, you can always rely on Melbourne interior designers.

Melbourne has great interior design schools that produce great talents every year. In fact, my niece will be graduating this year and she's looking forward to working soon after graduation. 

Seeing beautiful homes almost everyday makes me proud of my city.
Do-it-yourself Glass Etching via Sandblasting
Sandblasting is not only used in large scale industrial projects. It’s also best for glass etching which gives out amazing finish.

The basic materials are glass, masking, and sand. Your preferred design can be cut from any adhesive material. The best type of sand for DIYers or beginners is a 90-mesh grade, the finest sand type. You can also recycle used sand by sifting it through a fine-meshed window screen.
The standard sandblasting equipment is what you’ll need. Make sure to use protective wear to avoid too much exposure to silica and to avoid further injuries. You don’t have to buy large machines used in industrial sandblasting. You can either rent at a local hardware shop or borrow from someone you know.

Sandblasting Technique
Begin the process by sketching the design. Hairlines and other intricate details can be done by an artist or an experienced craftsperson.
Apply the marking on the glass. Make sure no bubbles are visible and transfer the sketch to the glass.
Start the blasting and keep at least six inches distance away from the glass. Make circular motions to create a smoother, even cut. 
glass sandblasting